Lady Gaga Confirms ‘Chromatica Ball’ Film, Says Alone Time Has Been ‘Healing’

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Lady Gaga is giving her Little Monsters a life update. On Friday, the singer shared a photo of herself sitting in front of a TV with a frame from her now-confirmed Chromatica Ball film, letting fans know she’s been producing music for a “special project” and focusing on Joker 2, all while staying true to her statement earlier this year that she’s been “interested in living more of a life of solitude.”

“I wanted to share a more personal moment with you today, I know I haven’t been doing a lot of that lately and some of you are really longing for me to share more of my artistic process,” she wrote on Instagram, addressing some of the criticism from Little Monsters over the last week after she shared a sponsored post for migraine medication Nurtec using shots from her Chromatica Ball.

“I’ve been experiencing my creativity ever since last summer in a really special and private way,” she wrote. “I wrote and produced music for a special project, I prepared for months developing my character for Joker, I filmed Joker for many months (a very introspective time), I have been running my start-up Haus Labs, doing philanthropic work, and additionally have been working on The Chromatica Ball film edit.”

“I can say for the first time in many years that my love of making art, music, fashion, and supporting community has never been more fulfilling,” she added. “I may not be sharing as much of myself online as I have in the past, but I hope you know this time to myself has been extremely healing and recharging for my heart, mind, body, and creativity—to create within myself and to have a personal life that’s just for me.”

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Gaga joked that perhaps fans may have been caught off guard by her decision to live life more privately, but assured that she loves her fans and “that will never change.” She also confirmed that she’s working on a film based on her Chromatica tour after fans assumed that filming at one of her shows last year was simply for the pharmaceutical commercial she shared this week.

“Here’s a photo of my working on The Chromatica Ball film edit (that’s a frame from the film behind me)—I can’t WAIT for you to experience it,” she wrote. “Thank you for being willing to grow with me so that I can change and transform with the community I love so much.”

“I hope you love all the things I’ve been creating for you and I hope this is a small reminder to you of my deep passion and commitment to art,” she added.

Over the last few months, most updates from Gaga have arrived from fan footage as she filmed for her role as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Joker 2 film. She also performed her Top Gun: Maverick track “Hold My Hand” at the Oscars in March and later shared rehearsal footage on TikTok.

Her decision to stay mostly off social media echoes what she told Rolling Stone and other reporters during a roundtable discussion for her newest Dom Pérignon collaboration, where she said she was “actually really interested in living more of a life of solitude.”

“It’s really nice to just have time to be alone and be expansive and know that you’re enough. I wish I could tell my younger self that,” she said earlier this year. “I did it anyway when I was younger. I spent a lot of time alone writing music. But the more successful I became, the more I felt like I needed other people to tell me I was great.”

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“There’s something about solitude that really speaks to me,” she added.