Murray's Pink Suit Highlights NFL Draftees Creative Fashion Choices

Murray's Pink Suit Highlights NFL Draftees Creative Fashion Choices

Top prospects attending the NFL Draft on Thursday night “presented themselves as spiffy, southern gentlemen in Nashville,” highlighted by the “dashing pink ensemble” worn by No. 1 overall pick Kyler Murray, according to Matt Wyatt of the HOUSTON CHRONICLE. Murray wore a “flashy yet refined look,” with pinstripes that “adorned the entirety of an outfit seemingly inspired [by] Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jay Gatsby.” Steelers draftee Devin Bush “caused the largest stir at the draft with his choice of clothing.” He sported what “appeared to either be a white half-vest or Old West gun holster worn across a black jacket” and “whatever it was buckled across the chest” (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 4/26). The AP’s Teresa Walker notes Raiders draftee Josh Jacobs “made sure to give himself options for the red carpet before selecting a pair of shoes with plenty of bling reflecting light.” Cody Ford, projected to be selected on Friday night, “walked the red carpet in an eye-catching red velvet jacket selected after talking with his designer.” Giants draftee Deandre Baker “made sure few could match what he wore,” as he had a “star ring on his hand and a watch on his wrist with the biggest splash hanging around his neck on a chain.” Baker: “It’s a great white shark on a big hook” (AP, 4/26).

REAL MEN WEAR PINK: Murray before the Draft noted his wardrobe was in fact inspired by “The Great Gatsby,” which he called his “favorite movie.” He said, “There’s a scene where Leo’s wearing the pink suit, so that’s where I got it from.” Murray also wore specially designed Nike shoes with the “green light” symbol, which he called a “sense of hope and what’s to come in the future.” Murray: “Nike … hooked me up with Draft day shoes, so it’s pretty special” (“NFL Draft,” ESPN, 4/25). NBC’s Savannah Guthrie said, “I don’t know sports but I know fashion, and Kyler Murray looked great in pink” (“Today,” NBC, 4/26). But not everyone was a fan, as USA TODAY’s Nate Davis wrote Murray raided The Joker’s closet “right under Batman’s nose” (, 4/26). NFL Network’s Nate Burleson called Murray the Pink Panther in his suit. NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt noted it “took sunglasses” to look at the suit. NFL Network’s Peter Schrager said it was “Pepto-Bismol pink” (“Good Morning Football,” NFL Network, 4/26).

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SUIT GAME: In Pennsylvania, Julia Hatmaker noted several players “opted to go bold with red suits, rather than the traditional black.” Hatmaker: “We were especially big fans of the maroon suit of Florida State’s Brian Burns.” There is “something to be said with the vibrant red suit” that LSU’s Greedy Williams wore. Hatmaker: “We like that he went equally bold with a golden bowtie and pocket square.” One can “never go wrong with a classic look, which is just what” Broncos draftee Noah Fant did with his “grey suit and red bowtie” (, 4/25). In Tulsa, Bill Haisten writes Jacobs made a “fashion statement” with his “classic blue suit – beautiful but understated when compared to some of the creative outfits donned by other first-round players” (TULSA WORLD, 4/26).

PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE: In Pittsburgh, Tim Benz writes he “didn’t understand” Bush’s outfit. Benz: “I’m questioning if he pulled it off – even though Bush is the one who designed it!” Bush said, “Me and my stylist, we bounced ideas off of each other. He wanted to put a lot of my personality into this suit. And that’s what we did.” Bush added it is “not a typical suit.” The open neck collar is a “bold choice.” Benz: “I initially thought he was wearing a sling and that the Steelers traded up to draft a guy with a busted arm” (, 4/25).