What happened to Jaden Smith? Accident rumors debunked as netizens believe singer died in car crash 

What happened to Jaden Smith? Accident rumors debunked as netizens believe singer died in car crash 

Rumors of Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith tragically dying in a car crash have made their way online. Fans of the rapper have taken to social media expressing sadness. However, it appears to be a celebrity hoax as the singer tweeted today and proved that he is alive and well.

The death rumors began flooding social media after a TikToker claimed that The Karate Kid actor had passed away. Many were quick to believe that he died in a fatal car accident, without any evidence. Social media users also posted tributes to the celebrity.

Smith is not the only celebrity who has fallen prey to the celebrity death hoax culture. Others who were rumored to be dead include Drake, Avril Lavigne, Nick Jonas and Taylor Swift amongst others.

Netizens swarm social media addressing Jaden Smith’s death

As rumors of the 24-year-old passing away made their way online, netizens paid tribute to the actor-singer. A few tweets read:

Some netizens were furious with the fake rumors being spread across social media platforms. They responded with rage:

Jaden Smith confirms he is alive

As fans continued to question whether the Summertime in Paris singer was alive or not, he took to social media to upload some content. In an Instagram story posted six hours ago, at the time of publishing this article, he reposted a @msftslibrary post. The Instagram highlight was ironically about how breath work can lead to self-exploration and help one dig into their own consciousness.

Jaden Smith

He also took to Twitter today where he tweeted:

The Icon singer did not respond to death rumors across social media. However, his social media uploads are proof enough that he is still alive.

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Jaden Smith’s health journey

The On My Own singer took to his mother Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook series Red Table Talk to discuss his health and struggles with gaining weight. The celebrity revealed that he had been dealing with digestive complications which had impacted his weight over the years.

In the same episode, he revealed that he did not have a regular appetite and also that he suffered from candida build-up which causes him pain if he consumes too much food.

However, after his parents held an intervention for him, he revealed on the show that he had gained 10 pounds with the help of medical professionals.

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