Yung Gravy reveals he took Martha Stewart as his date for a bat mitzvah… after making out with Addison Rae’s mother at the MTV VMAs

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Just months after rapper Yung Gravy made headlines for making out with a woman twice his age, Addison Rae’s mother Sheri Easterling, he revealed he also took Martha Stewart out for a date.

The 26-year-old rapper (born Matthew Raymond Hauri) posed for a Valentine’s Day selfie with the 81-year-old Stewart.

He revealed in a new interview with ET Canada that he has ‘hung out a few times’ with Stewart, including taking her to a bat mitzvah as his date.

Gravy released the 2020 song Martha Stewart about the lifestyle icon, after realizing that the things he raps about align with Stewart herself.

‘I rap a lot about cooking and cougars and a lot of things that Martha Stewart kind of embodies,’ the rapper said.

‘So I named a song after her and people on her team heard it and showed her. They reached out and we made a whole commercial campaign and have hung out a few times,’ he said.

‘I brought her as my date for a bat mitzvah. Martha and I are close, yeah. We check in often. She’s great,’ he said.

He also opened up about his infamous date with Sheri Easterling, revealing it all started with some flirting online.

‘I got invited to do the VMAs to perform at it and they’re like well you can also walk the red carpet and bring a date,’ Gravy began.

‘When I brought her, everyone is instantly like, “Oh they’re dating,” tons of rumors started about her being pregnant,’ he added.

‘We had been flirting online and I wanted a cute first date, so I thought, “Let’s do this,”‘ he added.

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‘I guess that’s not how it works with these fame type people,’ he added, while confirming that they are not a couple but they still, ‘keep in touch a lot.’

‘It wouldn’t make sense for us to date because we live in different cities, but we keep in touch,’ he clarified.

After sources claimed Sheri’s 22-year-old actress/influencer daughter Addison Rae was ‘mortified’ with that red carpet kiss, the rapper defended Sheri.

‘She’s newly single and living her life. Leave her alone,’ the rapper said in a tweet.

He also said in an Entertainment Tonight interview that older women are, ‘more experienced,’ adding, ‘They are an underserviced community, I’d like to say, and they deserve more attention.’