American Idol fans are terrified for Katy Perry as they notice ‘dangerous’ detail about her outfit on live TV

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AMERICAN Idol fans have shown concern for Katy Perry after seeing her live on TV in her costume from The Incredibles.

Katy dressed up as Helen Parr, also known as Elastigirl, from The Incredibles during American Idol’s Disney Night.

Katy Perry dressed up as Helen Parr, aka Mrs. Incredible or Elastigirl, from the Disney and Pixar movie The Incredibles for American Idol’s Disney NightCredit: Getty Images
Part of her latex costume featured high-heeled boots that looked dangerous and uncomfortable to wear

She got every detail of the costume right, with a latex look and an over-the-top wig for Helen’s hair.

However, the high-heeled boots she wore for the costume had fans concerned.

They were stiletto heels that, while Katy didn’t appear to have issues wearing, could absolutely be dangerous to walk in.

For anyone not well-versed in walking with heels, the boots could spell disaster.

A fan took to Twitter with their concerns.

“How is Katy Perry walking in that outfit?” they asked.

However, it didn’t look like Katy had any issues getting around.


In fact, Katy shoved her butt in co-judge Luke Bryan’s face while making the contest “all about her.”

The Last Friday Night singer dressed up as Elastigirl from Pixar’s The Incredibles during the televised singing competition’s Disney Night.


waltzed onto the American Idol stage accompanied by fellow judges, Lionel Richie, 73, and Luke Bryan, 46.

The I Kissed A Girl artist struck several body-building poses in front of the cheering audience while sporting the skintight, red-and-black costume as the trio made their way behind the judge’s panel.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, 48, announced: “Well that is an entrance” as Katy, Lionel, and Bryan too made their way to their usual seats.

Ryan was also dressed out of character for Disney Night, donning a Yellow Ducky print robe, pajama pants, giant house slippers, and a T-shirt that read “Let’s Make Some Magic.”

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The American Top 40 host asked the costumed Katy: “Is this a safer costume than last year?” before explaining that last year the idol judge had “trouble” getting into her chair.

Katy immediately bounced to her feet as she proclaimed: “That’s right! I did but you know, I love this costume because this!”

She then twisted her hips and poked her butt into a retreating Luke Bryan’s face as she turned toward the audience.

The country singer looked shocked, and a bit afraid, as he held his hands in the air while the Dark Horse artist stuck her posterior in his direction.

The risque maneuver garnered whoops and whistles from the studio audience as Katy swiveled back to Ryan and announced: “Elastigirl is also a mother, so I’m doing this for all the moms out there.”

She then lifted her fist triumphantly to the sound of loudening cheers from the audience.

Ryan attempted to wish Katy a happy Mother’s Day but the singer was still preoccupied with showing off her costume by lifting her leg and stretching across the judge’s desk.

The host waited for Katy to sit before claiming: “That desk will never be the same.”

The Queen of Camp jokingly admitted: “I do wish there was a little more air conditioning in here.”

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to share their distaste for Katy’s decision to wear a costume as well as her “attention-seeking” behavior during the episode.

One fan tweeted: “@AmericanIdol @katyperry Katy Perry is the most obnoxious attention seeking person on the planet. This show isn’t supposed to be about her. Ugh.”

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Another person wrote: “Watching American Idol for likely the last time. Why don’t they just call it The Katy Perry Show and get it over with? The show is all about her, not the contestants.”

An annoyed commenter stated: “There goes Katy with stupid costumes & taking away from the talent & what the show is suppose to be about.”

They continued: “Dude….it would be different if they all dressed up, but she’s been the only one every year!!”

“Tell Katy to grow up. Time for her to go bye bye,” added a fourth.

While a fifth critic tweeted: “Katy Perry ruins the show because it’s always about her! She has to be the center of attention.”

The discussion wasn’t all bad, however, with one fan writing: “Katy has finally given her the validation she’s deserved this whole season. Wè is absolutely incredible.”


Amid calls for Katy to be fired from American Idol, the singer has promoted her new shoe collection by modeling her psychedelic-style platforms in a new campaign.

Last week, the Roar singer donned a yellow leather pinafore dress teamed with towering pumps featuring a swirly pastel pattern.

She wore her dark hair in loose waves and framed her features with muted makeup as she posed against a white background.

The Idol judge posted the fashion-forward snaps on Instagram on Tuesday and captioned it: “The Uplift Pump.”

Katy, who performed at the coronation concert last weekend, has been focusing on promoting her fashion line amid backlash to her judging skills on American Idol.

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She has faced scrutiny over her treatment of the show’s contestants, leading fans to demand that ABC executives cut her from the show.

Earlier this season, Katy was accused of behaving rudely toward contestant Wé Ani after Wé did not receive feedback from Katy on her performance.

Viewers accused Katy of being “unprofessional” and “doing Wé dirty” by looking shocked when she made it through to the top 12.

Last month, she was accused of “leaving out” fellow judge Lionel Richie and for “talking over him.”

Katy was also slammed for scolding two competitors and eliminating a contestant that fans felt deserved to stay.

Meanwhile, during the auditions rounds, she was accused of “mom-shaming” a contestant with her “hurtful” and “embarrassing” comments.

Katy moved around easily in the stiletto boots that accompanied her costumeCredit: Getty Images
Fans were concerned about her walking in them, however, as they appeared dangerousCredit: Getty Images
One viewer wondered how Katy got around in her high-heeled bootsCredit: Getty Images