Tony Romo’s Wife

Tony Romo’s Wife
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Tony Romo’s professional tenure playing football with the Dallas Cowboys lasted fourteen seasons where he amassed a reputation as one of NFL’s best quarterbacks ever. Making way onto the team through an undrafted free agency deal back in 2003, Romo set many records over time and proudly represented them four times at Pro-Bowl events. He served as a starting quarterback for Dallas from 2006-2015 before leaving professional football in 2016.

In recent times Tony has stepped into broadcasting but continues to stay involved with charitable ventures among other initiatives that seek to give back to society.

He was appreciated for not only owning great talent but also contagious enthusiasm everywhere he went, particularly places like Green Bay or Cleveland that captured the hearts of fans. Tony Romo Age is 43 years old as of September 2023.

Across exceptional passion on-field complemented by unrelenting philanthropy off it – Tony Romo left an unforgettable impact that shaped NFL history surrounding quarterbacks’ legacy forever within memories of fans across various nationwide cities who still hold him dear to this day.

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Who is Tony Romo’s Wife, Candice Crawford?

From humble beginnings growing up in Lubbock, Texas, Candice Crawford has gone on to become one of America’s brightest former reporters & beauty queens: recognized both for her talent on screen & off it. After completing her studies in journalism and business at the esteemed University of Missouri she moved on to become a bonafide journalist with stints working at multiple broadcasting stations such as NBCs KOMU-TV and KDAF covering high school sports. With her infectious charm and ability to command attention Candice soon landed the role of Dallas Cowboys Reporter on CBSs ‘The Blitz’ – a position she held for many years which would lead to several hosting gigs including The Special Edition- Dallas Cowboys Weekend Sports Show, Up All Night – Dallas guide show & lifestyle feature ‘The RC Project’. What many may not know is that Crawford has also competed in several beauty pageants placing third runner up at Miss Texas Teen USA twice (2003 & 2005) before winning Miss Missouri subsequently representing her state in the prestigious Miss USA pageant; placing sixth overall. Beyond work Candice is an avid basketball fan who loves going to see the Dallas Mavericks play while also enjoying playing it herself alongside running and cooking homemade meals.

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With elder brother Chace Crawford known for his own Hollywood success it’s no surprise that talent flows strong through this family.

Tony Romo’s Wife, Candice Crawford’s Net Worth

It is remarkable to acknowledge Candice Crawford’s impressive financial accomplishments which brought about a net worth of around $10 million. Such earnings come from her prior work experience as a television reporter and sports anchor, coupled with the profits generated by winning various beauty pageants.

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How did Tony Romo meet Candice Crawford?

A chance meeting brought Tony and Candice together when she gained employment as a sports broadcaster in the Dallas Fort Worth region of Texas – his initiative sparked their romance after he extended an invitation for dinner & movie night. At that time, Candice lived with her parents who shared an intense passion for the Cowboys; therefore, she was worried about their reaction to him when they met for the first time thus catching her off guard when Tony mentioned picking Candice up from their house. Fortunately, despite those anxieties surrounding parental embarrassment because of football fandoms – they went out on several dates & became official partners by 2009 followed by a marriage proposal from Tony the following year.

Tony Romo and Candice Crawford’s Wedding

It was in 2011 that Candice Crawford and Tony Romo decided to exchange vows at Arlington Hall located in Dallas’ historic Oak Lawn neighborhood. For their reception, they opted for a Cowboys-themed celebration which made it even more unique and distinctive. Dallas events planner Todd Fiscus supervised the wedding preparations which were executed to perfection. Interestingly, he also managed Eli Manning’s union back in 2008. A delightful aspect of their matrimonial ceremony is that they invited everyone on the whole Cowboys roster along with their renowned owner Jerry Jones as esteemed guests numbering approximately six hundred.

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What does Candice Crawford do for a living?

Candice is outstanding as an actor plus, former TV reporter, and sports broadcast journalist. She boasts extensive expertise across varied domains. Past laurels also include that of a beauty pageant queen while present work involves modeling many high-profile brands’ clothing lines. She has hosted numerous well-regarded television programs as part of her noteworthy repertoire. Finally, back in 2008, she also claimed the prestigious title of Miss Missouri USA